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The Fayette County Fair

September 3 – 6
La Grange
The Fayette County Fair is held annually on labor day weekend. The fair includes a carnival, livestock shows, live entertainment, cook-offs, and more. The entertainment this year includes: Thursday – Wayne Toups, Friday – BJ Thomas & the Triumphs, Saturday – ZZ Top, and Sunday – Earl Thomas Conley. (click image for more details)


Texas Antique Weekend

September 18 – October 4
Round Top and Warrenton
The event consists of more than 60 antique collectors, décor and fashion shows in barns, dance halls, under tents and in fields in and around the Round Top – Warrenton area. The “weekend” event originally was held over a three day period but now extends over two and one-half weeks that end the first weekend of April and October every year. (click image for more details)

2015 Scholarships Awarded

$20,000 has been awarded to local High School Seniors!

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