Internet Plans Available

Three speeds to choose from – fast, faster…and OMG FAST!

  • For highly ‘connected’ families and households.
  • Super-fast connection with more data for streaming videos/movies, gaming and working from home.
  • Best for homes with multiple users or users who spend a lot of time doing data-intensive activities online.
  • Plenty of speed and capacity for everyone and their devices simultaneously – with zero lag time or annoying buffering downtime.
  • 2x faster download speeds.
  • Ideal for power users, remote workers, the latest devices and advance ‘smart’ households that use lots of internet.
  • Enough bandwidth for 20 people to stream 4k content at the same time – using only half the available bandwidth. Perfect for when 8K content streaming becomes the norm.
  • Just do more…and faster:
    • Stream more movies in every room
    • Interconnect your home with more smart devices, simultaneously
    • Work smarter with faster file transfers and seamless video calls (download a 10GB file in under a minute or an HD movie in under 10 seconds)
  • 5x faster download speeds.
  • Next level speeds for the elite, competitive gamer. Stay plugged in to your gaming community without any buffering, lagging or interruptions
  • Transfer large files in seconds or minutes – rather than hours.
    • Create and transfer UHD video files
    • Render huge graphics or data files
    • Collaborate with large numbers of people on complicated projects (video conferencing)

* For 5 Gbps plans, customer will need to provide a more robust router.

* Speeds over 1 Gbps is not available in all areas.

Level Up Your Online Experience with CVCTX’s Multi-Gig Speeds

Not sure how much internet speed or bandwidth you need for work or for play? We can help you determine the perfect plan for your household to help power all your devices and activities. Gives us a call today to discuss your options.

Ensure You Get the Most Out of Multi-Gig Speeds

Here’s some information to help ensure you are getting the fastest internet speeds possible.

CVCTX delivers multi-gig to the ONT. Actual service speed will depend on the use of WiFi, WiFi equipment, age and capabilities of the customer’s devices. Our multi-gig plans come with whole home WiFi at WiFi 6 speeds. That means if you have WiFi 6-enabled devices you’ll be able to experience the fastest speeds available. If your devices aren’t WiFi 6-enabled (from 2020 or earlier), they’re likely not built to go as fast as the wireless speeds that multi-gig internet offers. If you’re not sure whether your device has WiFi 6, you can check with the manufacturer or search your device’s specs online.

  • Wired vs. wireless connections – Actual speeds experienced will vary, especially when accessing the Internet wirelessly. A wired Ethernet connection will maximize the benefits of gigabit Internet. For wireless connections using WiFi, ensure the router supports the latest generation of WiFi,
    currently WiFi 6.
  • Ensure the router is updated. Older routers cannot handle gigabit bandwidth.
  • Use a fast Ethernet cable and adapter (wired connections).
  • Connect adapter to fast USB. Remember, not all adapters are compatible with all devices.
  • Use a fast switch for multiple devices. Make sure the switch you use is compatible with multi-gig speeds.
  • Go faster over WiFi
    • Generally, the closer you are to the router, the faster your speed.
    • Obstructions, such as walls and other obstacles can block WiFI signals. WiFi connections may also pick up interference from signals sent from microwaves, phones, baby monitors and other devices.
  • Some devices won’t be able to handle multi-gig speeds (like 5 Gig) even with a wired connection, simply because they’re not up-to-date. There are several things you can do to bridge those gaps, including updating your operating system and having a new network card installed.
  • Devices like phones and laptops connected to your Internet will also need to support the latest WiFi standards in order to get the fastest speeds.