Security Information

We have taken the following steps to ensure that your information is secure and your privacy is respected:

Limiting the Collection and Use of Information

We will limit the collection of personal and other information only to the extent required by the Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) application. And wherever information is collected, the Customer may inquire as to the intent.

Personal Information is retained only so long as it is required by the EBPP application. Upon cancellation of service, the customer’s personal information is removed from the application.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology

Utilizing SSL will guarantee that any transmissions of your information to or from our server will be encrypted. Any interception of your information on the Internet will be impossible for the intruder to read.

Hosting our site on secure servers

Our Internet-compliant web servers are configured with appropriate security so that intruders cannot see any activity done by you or our application.

Data on your account is secured in a system behind a firewall

Your actual billing account information is stored on auxiliary machines protected by a network firewall that will not allow any unauthorized access from the Internet to occur.

Protecting your account information through a secure log on process

The only way that you will be allowed to access your billing account information is by providing your username and a password that you have personally set up.

Sharing Information with a Third Party

We provide information about customer accounts or other personally identifiable data to third parties only when the information is necessary to complete a customer initiated transaction, or when the law requires disclosure.

Although individual information is not disclosed to any third party (unless it meets the aforementioned criteria) we do; however, reserve the right to target and market their services based on the user profile.