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All Exchanges listed below may call Borden, High Hill, Hostyn, Moravia, Plum and Warrenton as a local call. Local calling may generally be made between the rate centers listed below, however, if a call you are trying to make is not local you will hear a message letting you know your call cannot be completed as dialed.



979-263 (Borden)


979-404 (Fayetteville)

La Grange

979-212 (Giddings)

Dime Box, Lexington, Northrup, Paige

979-561 (High Hill)


979-247 (Hostyn)

La Grange

979-206 (La Grange)

Fayetteville, Flatonia, Weimar

979-562 (Moravia)

Hallettsville, Schulenburg

979-242 (Plum)

La Grange

979-743 (Schulenburg)

Flatonia, Weimar

979-249 (Warrenton)

La Grange

979-725 (Weimar)

Flatonia, La Grange, Schulenburg

Following is a list of rates for the most popular countries. Please call us at 242.CVLD (2853) or 1.877.242.CVLD (2853) if you need a quote for a country not listed.


Alaska – $0.29

Argentina – $0.12

Austria – $0.12, Austria, cell – $0.49

Canada – $0.12

Costa Rica – $0.13, Costa Rica, cell – $0.17

Germany – $0.24, Germany, cell – $0.53

Hawaii – $0.29

Mexico – $0.29, Mexico, cell – $0.39

Netherlands – $0.12, Netherlands, cell – $0.43

New Zealand – $0.12, New Zealand, cell – $0.72

Panama – $0.44, Panama, cell – $0.44

Puerto Rico – $0.27

South Africa – $0.15

Sweden – $0.12, Sweden, cell – $0.45

UK – $0.12, UK, cell – $0.40

Uruguay – $0.23, Uruguay, cell – $0.47

Zimbabwe – $0.20, Zimbabwe, cell – $0.45


Effective August 1, 2001, COLORADO VALLEY LONG DISTANCE (the “Company”) will provide interstate long distance services (“Service”) between points within the United States at the rates, and under the terms and conditions stated herein, as the rates, terms and conditions may be modified from time to time.  As used herein, “you” or “your” refers to the individual or entity using or paying for the Service.   USE OF THE COMPANY’S SERVICE CONSTITUTES YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THESE RATES, TERMS, AND CONDITIONS.

  1. AVAILABILITY OF SERVICE.  Subject to the availability of facilities and subject to transmission and like conditions, Service is available for your use twenty four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week. The rates for the Service are attached hereto and are incorporated herein by reference.
  2. USE OF SERVICE.  You may use the Service for any lawful purpose. Any unlawful use of the Service is strictly prohibited and may be grounds for immediate termination of Service by the Company.
  3. RATES AND CHANGES IN RATES, TERMS AND CONDITIONS.  Current rates are found at the end of this document. The Company reserves the right to make price changes for Service or changes in these terms and conditions upon providing thirty (30) days advance notice. The Company may elect to provide such notice by any reasonable commercial method including, but not limited to, a bill insert or a bill message. You agree that you will be bound by any change in the rates, terms and conditions of the Service unless you cancel your Service as provided for in paragraph 13 below prior to the effective date of the change. The Company maintains updated rates, terms, and conditions in its office located at 4915 South U.S. Hwy. 77, La Grange Texas and on its website at
  4. LIABILITY OF THE COMPANY.  The liability of the Company, if any, for interruption, delays, or failures in transmissions (“Service Problems”), whether caused by the negligence of the Company or otherwise, is expressly limited to credits issued by the Company to you. No credit will exceed the charges billed by the Company to you for the period during which the Service Problem occurred. The Company will issue a credit only when the Service Problem lasts more than twenty-four (24) hours. The Company reserves the right to require you to apply for any such credit in writing. The Company may also deny your request for credit where your evidence is inconclusive or the request for credit is otherwise unwarranted or insufficient. In no event is the Company liable to any person for any cost, damage or harm whatsoever arising from: (a) your negligence or willful act: (b) the attachment or use of any equipment or wiring by you which you use in conjunction with the Service; (c) the use of any facilities of other carriers by the Company in rendering the Service to you; (d) errors or omissions associated with your telephone number or listing information provided via directory assistance; or (e) any acts beyond the control of the Company including, but not limited to: (1) acts of God, riots, fire, flood or other catastrophe; or (2), any law, regulation, directive, order to request of any a federal or state governmental authority or agency having jurisdiction over the Company. Under no circumstances whatsoever will the Company or its officers, agents, or employees be liable for indirect, incidental, special, punitive, exemplary, or consequential damages.
  5. INDEMNITY. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Company for any liability with respect to any and all claims and damages, of every kind (including specifically special or consequential damages), arising from your use of the Service. Your indemnity of the Company also extends to: (a) any claims or damages arising out of or attributed, directly or indirectly, to Service Problems; (b) any claims or damages of the owner of your premises or equipment; or (c) any other third party claims and damages.
  7. PAYMENT. You will provide the Company with your name, address and telephone number for billing purposes. Business entities will provide the name of a designated officer or agent. All information provided will be accurate, and the Company has the right to access and verify credit information. Once Service is activated, you are responsible for paying all charges associated with the Service.  Monthly Service charges are billed in advance and usage charges are billed in arrears. All bills from the Company are due by the 16th day after the bill date and are payable at the Company’s office as designated on the bill. 
The Company may apply a late fee of the lesser of five percent (5%) per month or the maximum rate permitted by law to each of your bills not paid by the due date. You are responsible to pay all the Company’s cost of collection, including bank charges and reasonable attorney’s fees.
  8. CALCULATION OF USAGE.  Charges for usage-based Service offered by the Company begin when the connection is established. Charges are assessed in increments of one (1) minute with additional minute rounded up. Where charges for Service vary due to time of day, time periods are defined in the Company’s rate tables and are determined by the local time of the location where you make the call. When a call is established in one rate period and ends in another rate period, the rates are based on the portion of your call that occurs within each rate period.
  9. TAXES, FEES AND SURCHARGES. In addition to the charges for the Service, you are also responsible for paying all applicable federal, state and local use, excise, sales or privilege taxes, and all fees chargeable to or against the Company as a result of its provision of Service to you.
  10. BILLING DISPUTES. If you believe you have been billed in error, you must contact the Company within sixty (60) days of the date of the bill, which contains the disputed charge. Refunds or adjustments will not be issued for any charge that is more than sixty (60) days old. You may withhold from payment to the Company the disputed portion of any bill pending resolution of the dispute, but all non-disputed charges are due within the normal time period. The Company will notify you of the results of its inquiry, and either adjust the billing, issue a credit, or notify you that all or a portion of the disputed amount is still owed. You will be required to pay such amount within thirty (30) days thereafter, and if you fail to pay this amount within the time required, your account will be deemed past due and unpaid. In such event, the Company will be entitled to terminate your Service immediately without any liability whatsoever and/or require an additional deposit. In addition, any payments withheld pending resolution of the dispute may be subject to a late payment fee of five percent (5%) per month for the period during which such charges remain unpaid.
  11. BILLING ENTITY CONDITIONS.  When billing for the Company’s Services is performed by local exchange telephone companies, credit card companies or others, the payment conditions and regulations of such companies apply, including any applicable interest and/or late payment charges.
  12. DEPOSITS. The Company reserves the right to require you to make a deposit to guarantee payment for Service before activating Service. After your Service is activated, if your actual monthly usage exceeds your estimated monthly usage by more than twenty percent (20%), the Company may also require a deposit or additional deposit. The Company will return your deposit as follows: (a) when an application for Service has been cancelled prior to the time that your Service is activated, your deposit will be applied to any existing charges, and any excess portion of the deposit, if any, will be returned by the Company within ninety (90) days following settlement of your account; (b) upon the discontinuance of Service, the Company will refund your deposit to the extent that it exceeds any unpaid charges for Service provided to you; or (c) the unused portion of a deposit will be refunded to you if you have paid each bill rendered by the Company for Service within the prescribed period for each of the twelve (12) months after the date the deposit was made. The refunding or crediting of your deposit and accrued interest in no way relieves you of your obligation to comply with all of the terms and conditions of this contract or from making payments when due.
  13. TERMINATION OF SERVICE BY THE CUSTOMER. Upon providing the Company adequate information as to your identity, you may terminate Service by notifying the Company. All amounts due under the terms and conditions of the Service plan selected are immediately due and payable.
  14. TERMINATION OF SERVICE BY THE COMPANY. The Company may immediately terminate or withhold Service to you without incurring any liability whatsoever for the following reasons: (a) nonpayment of any sum due for Service where your charges remain unpaid more than ten (10) days following written notice of nonpayment from the Company mailed, postage prepaid, to your last known address; (b) your acts or omissions which constitute, in the reasonable opinion of the Company, a violation of or a failure to comply with any term of this contract, and where such violation or failure to comply with a term of this contract threatens to interfere with the Company’s operations or its furnishing of Service to, or the use of Service by, another customer of the Company; (c) the implementation of any order of a court of competent jurisdiction, or of a federal or state regulatory authority of competent jurisdiction, prohibiting the Company from furnishing you Service; (d) where you have failed or neglected to tender any additional or required deposit within ten (10) days of demand by the Company; or (e) where the Company reasonably deems partial or complete termination of Service is necessary to prevent unlawful use of its Service. In the event your Service is partially or completely terminated for any of the reasons stated herein, you will remain responsible for all unpaid Service charges due and owing to the Company. The Company will have the right to apply your deposit and any accrued interest to all cancellation charges and to all associated outstanding charges associated with your Service. If you seek reinstitution of Service following a partial or complete termination of Service by the Company, you will pay to the Company prior to the time Service is reinstituted: (a) all accrued and unpaid charges; and (b) a deposit.
  15. TESTING AND INSPECTIONS.  Without incurring any liability whatsoever, the Company may, at any time, interrupt the provision of Service to you in order to perform tests and inspections to assure compliance with this contract and/or the proper installation and operation of either your equipment and facilities or the Company’s equipment and facilities. The Company may continue such interruption until any noncompliance or improper equipment or facilities identified is corrected.
  16. NO WAIVER. Based on the circumstances presented, the Company may waive certain of the requirements stated herein. Such waiver will be limited to that set of specific circumstances and will not eliminate your obligation to continue to comply with the terms and conditions stated herein.
  17. UNLIMITED LONG DISTANCE. Colorado Valley Long Distance (CVLD) offers an Unlimited Long Distance calling plan exclusively to residential customers. The unlimited calling plan is available for direct-dialed domestic voice calls within the 48 contiguous states. The plan does not include calls to 900 numbers, calls to 800 numbers (toll free calls), calling card calls, international calls, directory assistance, operator assistance, multi-line conference calls, chat services or data services. The unlimited long distance plan is not intended for use to connect to Internet service providers, data providers or information services. Commercial facsimile, auto-redialing, home business use, home employee use, resale and telemarketing are also strictly prohibited. The monthly recurring charge for the plan is subject to applicable taxes and tariffs. Regulations and rates are subject to change. Call detail records will be provided.

Should CVLD determine that usage is not consistent with residential customer voice usage, CVLD reserves the right to immediately suspend, restrict, bill usage charges or cancel your service without prior notice. This policy is subject to change without prior notice.

Troubleshooting (Voice)


Physically inspect your telephone and telephone cords. Look for cracked plastic housing, broken, frayed or loose cords, or lights that don’t work. If you have more than one telephone, make sure each telephone receiver is on the hook. If all telephones are on the hook, unplug each one from the wall jack. Plug in each telephone, one at a time, checking for a dial tone each time. If one telephone causes the line to go dead, this telephone should be replaced. If you only have one telephone, borrow a known working phone from someone else and test your line by swapping them out.

If it is determined that trouble lies on your side of the Network Interface Device (see below) and repairs are made by Colorado Valley personnel, charges for labor and materials may apply as well as service order charges.


At most locations, Colorado Valley has mounted a Network Interface Device (NID) on the outside of your building or on a stake nearby. The NID will help you determine if the trouble is in the Cooperative’s equipment, or your facilities beyond the NID. To test for trouble, first, open the cover of the NID. One of the images below should match the NID at your location. Simpy plug a working telephone into the test jack. If dial tone is not present, call Colorado Valley’s repair department at 242-5915 or 800-242-5915.


Reconnect the test jack when finished testing with the phone, as this connects the service to the inside.

Sample Fiber NID. Open the cover to expose the test jack. You will need to remove the plug from the jack and plug in a working phone. Reconnect the test jack when finished testing. Instructions for testing are also on the inside cover of the NID.

Sample Copper NID. The first image shows what you will see when the cover is opened. Pull the orange tab to expose the test jack, as seen in the second image.

  • Customers with voice service over non-traditional technology (i.e. fiber or fixed wireless) will not have access to voice service if commercial power goes out and they do not have some form of backup power. 
  • CVCTX can provide backup batteries for fiber and fixed wireless voice service or customers may choose to use a third party for backup power.
  • The backup batteries provided by CVCTX only power voice service, not internet service. A corded telephone (not cordless) must be plugged directly into the modem for the voice service to work when power is out. The intent is to provide access to 911.
The ability to access emergency service by dialing 911 is available to Colorado Valley voice customers who receive service over a non-traditional network, i.e. via Internet protocol (IP). 
Emergency 911 service is a standard feature available to all Colorado Valley voice customers. The service enables users to access an appropriate public safety answering point (“PSAP”) by dialing 911. When 911 is dialed by a Colorado Valley voice customer, the call will be routed to the appropriate PSAP if 911 service is available in that area, based on the primary service address assigned to the telephone number. 
There are several scenarios that could affect your ability to complete a call to 911. Such circumstances include but are not limited to: 
Loss of Electric Service. Your Colorado Valley voice service is powered by electricity. In the event of commercial power outage, your voice service, including access to 911 emergency service, may not be available. Colorado Valley offers battery backup solutions, which will provide power to your voice service for a limited time. 
Loss of Internet Connection. Your Colorado Valley voice service allows you to make calls using an Internet connection over fiber or fixed wireless technologies. Voice service will not be available when the Internet connection fails or becomes overloaded. 
Non-payment for Service. Failure to make timely payment for your service may result in suspension or disconnection of dial tone and loss of 911 emergency service access. 
Your 911 service is based on the primary service address assigned to the telephone number. This information must be updated if you change locations from the address given upon activation of service. If the service address is incorrect, the PSAP will assume you are located at the address assigned to the telephone number.