What is the Fiber 5 Buildout Project?

CVCTX is excited to start a five-year construction project to expand our fiber network in our Cooperative service area.

How long will the project take?

Completion for this project is scheduled for 2028. The goal is to reach as many homes as possible in the Cooperative service area with fiber.

Why is it necessary for me to sign an Easement Form?

In some instances, it will be necessary for CVCTX to request easements to cross property lines with our fiber optic cables. We ask that you please consider granting easement access in order to help us connect service to you and your neighbors.

Click Here for service availability to your home.

What is an Easement?

An easement is a written document signed by the landowner, which grants Colorado Valley Telephone Cooperative (Colorado Valley) permission to access and use a portion of the landowner’s property to construct, maintain, operate, repair, replace, relocate and remove any of the necessary components for supplying services to its members. The easement must be signed by the landowner or the landowner’s authorized representative before a notary public. The signed and notarized document is filed with the county clerk, in the county the property is located in, and is linked to the property deed.  The easement may grant access to the property to place aerial or buried facilities (or both). Easements may be for accessing the property to place facilities to the landowner. They may also provide for extending services to properties belonging to other Colorado Valley members.

The pole attachment agreements Colorado Valley has with the power companies requires that Colorado Valley obtain its own easement even though the facility will be on poles that are on a power easement.

How do I grant permission to CVCTX for an easement?

It only takes 3 easy steps:

  1. Complete Telecommunications Easement Form.
  2. Easement Form will need to be notarized.
    • CVCTX have notaries in the office to assist with notary services.
  3. Original signed/notarized copy returned to:
    • P.O. Box 130, La Grange, TX 78945

If I’m interested in fiber service, can I already sign up for service even though it’s not currently available?

Yes. You can sign up for service at any time. If fiber service is not currently available in your area, you can choose the “willing to wait for fiber” option to let us know you’re interested. Our Customer Support Team will reach out with details.