How To Setup Your E-mail Address
In Outlook Version 2002 or 2003


POP Settings

Incoming POP3 Server Name:
POP3 Login Username: (your entire e-mail address)
POP3 Password: Your e-mail password
Outgoing SMTP Server Name:
*SMTP Authentication must be enabled this is usually a check box
SMTP Authentication Username: (your entire e-mail address)
SMTP Password: Your e-mail password
SMTP Outgoing Port: 1025 (You must modify 25 to read 1025)

Open Outlook

After opening Outlook you will have one of these first few screens. You may need to scroll down this web page until what you on your computer matches the screen shots below, then continue instructions.

1 (1)

If the above screen appears, click Tools then E-mail Accounts

2 (1)

If this screen appears click Next




3 (1)

If you see this screen dot the Yes and then click Next


4 (1)



If you see this screen, dot the POP3 area and click Next

5 (1)

On this screen fill in the Your Name:
Enter your E-mail Address:
In the User Name: area enter your entire e-mail address and password below
For the Incoming mail server (POP3): enter
For the Outgoing mail server (SMTP): enter
Now click the More Settings button

6 (1)

Type your full e-mail address in the box below “Type the name by which…”

Now click on the Outgoing Server tab at the top

7 (1)

Place a checkmark next to “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication

Now click the Advanced tab at the top

8 (1)

n the Outgoing server (SMTP): box enter the number 1025

Now press the OK button at the bottom

You are now taken back to this screen below


9 (1)


To test your settings click the “Test Account Settings…” button

You will se a box pop up with all green checkmarks (now shown here) when successful. Click the Close button to exit the test screen.

Now click the Next button at the bottom

10 (1)

Click the Finish button