In December 2017 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rescinded its net neutrality rules. You may be concerned about how this action will affect customers of Colorado Valley Communications (“CVC”). Below are frequently asked questions about net neutrality.

1. What is net neutrality?

Net neutrality is shorthand for a set of rules that outlawed broadband providers such as CVC from blocking your access to particular Internet applications, throttling (slowing down) certain Internet applications, or charging the owners of certain applications a fee to get priority treatment (faster speeds or better quality) on the broadband provider’s network. (This is also known as paid prioritization or “fast and slow lanes” on the Internet.) Net neutrality rules also required disclosure of the customer practices of the broadband provider.

2. What did the FCC do about net neutrality?

It transferred enforcement of policies against blocking and throttling to the courts and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). It permitted paid prioritization. It retained and simplified rules about disclosures of broadband practices of broadband providers.

3. Does CVC engage in blocking, throttling or paid prioritization?

No. Information about the broadband customer practices of CVC can be found on our website at the following links:

4. Will the FCC’s net neutrality decision cause the price of my service to change?

No. Please see the various service plans available from CVC listed on our website or contact us at 979.242.5911 or for a complete listing of plans, terms and conditions.

5. Will the FCC’s net neutrality decision cause my broadband service to slow down?

No. CVC strives to bring you the best broadband service possible over our modern fiber optic network. If you wish to improve the broadband speed for your business or residence, please see our available service plans, or contact us at 979.242.5911 or

6. Will I still be able to access any website I want?

Yes. CVC does not engage in any practice that blocks or throttles lawful internet content, applications, services or non-harmful devices, subject to reasonable network management.

7. Why is net neutrality so controversial?

There is concern that very large wireline or wireless broadband providers may engage in paid prioritization, favoring their own applications or making it harder for owners of new or less popular applications that can’t afford to pay for better service to reach broadband customers. Some argue that this could also impact the diversity of viewpoints available to Americans.

Some argue that broadband providers will invest more in their networks if they can charge the owners of applications a fee for faster speeds or better quality. Others contend that the presence or absence of net neutrality rules does not affect investment by broadband providers.

8. What will happen to the Internet without net neutrality rules?

It is unclear as to whether or how the business and customer practices of very large broadband providers will change. But CVC will continue to strive to bring you, our customers, the best broadband service at the best prices.

Thank you for subscribing to the voice and broadband services of CVC. More information on our services can be found at or you can contact our business office at 979.242.5911 or