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As our way of saying “thanks for being a loyal Colorado Valley communications customer,” we’d like to give you a FREE month of Internet service when you upgrade your current internet connection.

We make it easy to upgrade your service to a faster connection.  Call today to take advantage of your FREE month of Internet service!

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Best Little Quilt Show in Texas

Friday, February 23, 2018 – Saturday, February 24, 2018 – Fayette County Fairgrounds, La Grange, Texas

10 am to 5 pm  

The Best Little Quilt Show in Texas is a quilt extravaganza with everything from art quilts to modern quilts to antique quilts.  You can even win your very own whimsical quilt.

Visit their webpage at Colorado Valley Quilt Guild.





Best Little Cowboy Gathering in Texas

Thursday, March 8  – Sunday, March 11, 2018 – Fayette County Fairgrounds, La Grange, Texas


The Best Little Cowboy Gathering in Texas will have lots of great music for a weekend of family style entertainment.  Enjoy dancing and great barbecue.  The Gathering is continues to serve up great prices as well with a 2-day pass for Friday and Saturday at $30.00, Friday pass at $15.00, Saturday only at $20.00, and youth under 18 are free.  This a non-profit group with funds returning to scholarships—a clear win-win and a great time to come out and support this wonderful creative event.  Advance tickets can be purchased online (see link below), at Le Petite (north side of the square in La Grange), or at the Western Club (Hwy 6 Southbound service road in Navasota).



Dance Hall – 3 pm – Rocky King and 7 pm – Jeff Woolsey

Outside Stage – NONE

Friday: (Featured female artist – Ginny Mac)

Dance Hall – noon – Coby Carter, 4 pm – Jason Roberts, 8 pm – Tommy & Jake Hooker

Outside Stage – 3:30 pm – Rocky King, 7:30 pm – Jeff Woolsey


Dance Hall – 4 pm – Jody Nix, 8 pm – Billy Mata

Outside Stage – 11 am – KR Wood & Friends, 1:30 pm – Jody Nix, 3 pm – The Lake Travis Fiddlers, 5 pm – Billy Mata, 6:30 pm –  Kristyn Harris & Brook Wallace, 8 pm – Tommy & Jake Hooker

Horse demonstrations will run throughout the day Saturday.  The Texas Buffalo Soldiers will be offering a tribute to the Black Soldier of the 9th and 10th U.S. Calvary and the 24th and 25th U.S. Infantry Regiments for the Acts of Valor during the Indian Wars Campaign.

Come experience Dutch Oven cooking and the art of blacksmithing.  Artists and craftsmen will offer for sale their art, jewelry, furniture, clothing and much more.


NOTE:  Schedule is subject to change.

Admission to the Dance Hall is by reservation only.  You must have a badge to be admitted inside the dance hall.  Bring a jacket for the evening entertainment.  For more information visit their webpage at Best Little Cowboy Gathering in Texas.




Texas Antique Weekend

Wednesday, March 21 – Sunday, April 8, Round Top and Warrenton

The Texas Antique Weekend is held twice a year.  The event consists of more than 60 antique collectors, décor and fashion shows in barns, dance halls, under tents and in fields in and around the Round Top – Warrenton area over a three week period.

The “weekend” event originally was held over a three day period but now extends over two and one-half weeks that end the first weekend of April and October every year.

Visit their webpage at

GigaNet Fiber Service

Accelerate Your Business with Ultra-High Speed Internet!
Available in downtown La Grange and along Hwy 237 in the Warrenton/Round Top area.
Starting at $79.95 per month and Free Activation with contract.
For more information, click the “GigaNet fiber service” tab under the Internet menu or give us a call at 979-242-5911.





Watch Out For Fraudulent Email


This email is a FRAUDULENT email.  Colorado Valley does not correspond with customers in this manner.

Please delete it and empty your trash to permanently delete it from your computer.  As a rule, do not click on links or attachments on emails from senders you do not recognize.  When in doubt contact the sender and verify they sent it before opening the attachment. 

Look at the actual email address that the email is from – not just the name that appears.  If the actual email is not displayed, you can hover your mouse over the sender’s name and verify that the actual email address is the correct email address for the name of the sender.  These “phishing” emails are sent to trick the recipient into clicking on links that install malicious software onto your computer or take your through to a bogus website.  






CVC welcomes a new bucket truck

Colorado Valley welcomes a new bucket truck to our fleet.  It will be busy helping our customers with their communication needs.



Unplug Modems During Lightning Storms

PLEASE remember to unplug your high-speed modem and router during lightning storms.  Surge protector can’t always protect your equipment.  If your internet connection runs through the phone line, disconnect the cord from the jack because power surges can also travel through the phone line and fry your equipment.