Valued Colorado Valley Customer,

Colorado Valley is working to improve the security and resiliency of our email offering. Therefore, an update to your email software settings is now required so that it uses the full email address when it logs into our email server.

We are sending this notice because our records show that you are currently using email software that is configured with a username that will stop working. To avoid email service interruption, you will need to update your Email Software so that it uses your full email address (e.g. as the username for logging into the Colorado Valley email server. This is done through the “settings” section of your email software.

Example: Username: “bob” will no longer work – New Username: “” will work

Please utilize our guide to assist you in making the necessary change:

To avoid any email issues, please make these changes immediately. The changes need to be made by 10/25/2021 to ensure you do not experience any issues. If you need assistance making this change, please contact our email support group at 877-452-9035 and tell them you need help updating your mail client username.

Thank you,

Colorado Valley Support Team