At Colorado Valley Communications, we know students need the right tools for academic success.
As students prepare to enter the virtual classroom this year amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, High Speed Internet will be more important than ever.
What do you need to know about your Internet before the first day of school?
Here are some key facts about how certain programs and multiple users can affect bandwidth and speed, as well as some options to explore to ensure your child has access to their virtual classroom at the speeds they need.

Multiple Users
If you are working from home with your child in the virtual classroom, you’re both competing for the same bandwidth and speeds. With multiple users accessing Wi-Fi at once, this can slow your connection down for everyone on every device. Increasing speed can help.

Applications with Higher Bandwidth Demands
Every time a user makes a video call, streams video or downloads large files, it’s taking up your precious bandwidth, especially if you share your network with other users.
There are other bandwidth-heavy activities that may not be as noticeable. Monitor the bandwidth of your router with third-party firmware programs such as Gargoyle or DD-WRT or a network monitoring tool like Glassware.
These programs will show you where your bandwidth is going and allow you to stop certain bandwidth-heavy applications.
They can also help detect any viruses that may be slowing down your connection.

The fact is, there is more demand on your home Internet connection and bandwidth when multiple devices are connected. The good news is that there are some options to help increase speeds.

Find the Speed You Need
The first thing you need to do is figure out how fast your Internet is currently.
There are plenty of free tests out there.
At Colorado Valley Communications, we offer a convenient , which accounts for the number of devices you use in your home simultaneously to find the accurate speed rate you need.

Use Ethernet
Plugging in your devices directly to your router is a surefire way to boost your connectivity.
Using an ethernet cable is more reliable than wireless and many factors can affect your Wi-Fi performance.
Make sure your student stays connected and has the speed they need even when there are multiple users.

Upgrade Options
Finally, school has changed. So should your Internet.
Increase your speed to match your home’s needs by calling the professionals at Colorado Valley Communications.
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Colorado Valley’s Fiber Service can serve you with Internet speeds up to 100 Mbps and no data caps.
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Faster Internet speeds are also available outside of the fiber areas, in some locations up to 25 Mbps/3 Mbps.
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